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My pantry and I have a great relationship.  I put stuff in and it does its best to keep it on a shelf.  It provides when my children and I bake or when I’m dreaming up some recipe for my last minute family dinner.  To be fair it holds more than enough!

I welcomed Colleen into my home to sort out what I thought was an ok pantry arrangement.  I have to admit I have been pleasantly surprised that the relationship between my pantry and I has improved dramatically.

Firstly Colleens approach was delightful.  She began by discussing my interest in baking and cooking and how I currently use the space.  After we chatted for a little we took on the task! Systematically together we went through each shelf, checked expiry determined how often I used the item and then re-homed it if needed.  After a little while I became bored with the process (It’s not my strength sticking to a task like this for a longer than half an hour) But having Colleen coach me through this we completed the task. 

It is with pride that I can say the difference Colleen made to my friend ‘My pantry’ is outstanding.  The ease of which we find and store items is amazing.  When I bake with my children they now can easily access what we need without the fear of 8 other things falling on them. 

I highly recommended inviting Colleen and the team from OrganiseU into your home for all your organisational needs. 

Julia - Pukekohe

With kids no longer needing many of their childhood possessions, and two households of furniture to combine, we had the overstuffed garage from hell. Colleen calmly worked alongside me for two days, sorting, clearing, culling, and keeping me on task. With ingenious suggestions for storage solutions I never would have thought of, she made an enormous task achievable. Colleen never insisted that something be discarded, instead respectfully encouraging that I made a decision to keep or re-home. Once I’d made a call, she acted immediately, organising storage areas, taking loads to the op shop or filling the bins. She could envisage the end result and together we got there! Now we have a garage with areas for laundry, children’s games, fishing and camping gear, gardening tools, and bikes, and we can still easily store our car as well. The sense of calm from a well-organised space is well worth the effort to get there.

Tracey - Hawkes Bay